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Dillon Loving #”Spitting Some Truth”

This song touched my heart.  When I first clicked on the link I almost closed it out.  Never judge a song by the style (rap music is not my preference), I am thankful that I gave it a chance.

Some of the lyrics are below;  click on the link above and listen to it for yourself, to appreciate the message!

“The Lord, he’s the boss”

“the devil tries hard to make me go the wrong way, all day it’s a battle but my bible is a sword and you better grab your saddle if you’re riding with the Lord. The whole world’s in his hands. ”

“No gold no silver, man I’m a spiritually getting richer, cause I’m getting up in that scripture every day and I pray for wisdom. I really miss my sister and I miss my little brother but I know they’re up in heaven where they never have to suffer. Life is so fragile, we can die any minute, eternity is a long time, Where are you gonna spend it?”

Way to go Dillon!

Catherine Bares

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Having and sharing a great attitude can do wonders for your personal well being and for your team’s well being.  It is contagious and uplifting.

One of my team members shared this with me when she came across it a few years ago.  I introduced it to our entire company team at our next meeting.  It recently circled back to me so, I wanted to pass along some inspiration and provoke some thought in “numbers people”. Do you thinks it is Coincidence or not?  Please leave a comment.



Remember; follow me, share me, talk about me.

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