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The PEACE Fund

The Peace Fund works to protect, educate and aid children living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

The Peace Fund seeks to change that by providing financial support to groups dedicated to bringing educational resources to those who need it most

What we do-Adrian Paul’s The Peace Fund

How Can you get Involved? Visit the Site for more info.

#ThePEACEFund and Amazon have partnered together so you can make all your Amazon purchases knowing that a percentage of all of your purchases will be donated directly to #ThePEACEFund. When purchasing items on Amazon, simply go to Amazon Smile ( 

Take a look in your closets, on your bookshelves, or in your garage

Do you have any rare or interesting items that might make a great donation for a future PEACE Fund auction? Some of the most exciting and lucrative items in our most recent auctions have been donated by selfless, generous individuals who found new ways to turn treasured heirlooms into gifts that keep on giving for children in need.

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