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Calling All Aquarius!

I am not a big Zodiac follower but, I figured, why not? So, I pulled this from

“Wake up, wake up! The Year of the Fire Monkey begins this February 8, sounding the call for progress and change. Problem-solving is the clever Monkey’s domain — and with the creativity of the fire element, the answers we drum up could be unparalleled and unprecedented. Burying our heads in the sand or an Instagram wormhole won’t be acceptable anymore. 2015 was a Sheep year, which created a more passive, “following the flock” mentality. Now, the wake-up call for consciousness and individuality has been sounded. And doubly so, since the sun will blaze through offbeat, activist Aquarius until the 19th — accompanied by thoughtful Mercury, romantic Venus, and a new moon also hitting the Water Bearer’s zone this month. Aquarius energy is a paradox, though: While it’s uncompromisingly original, it’s also the sign that rules teamwork and “power to the people” populism. Forget the cookie-cutter. This is the month to celebrate authenticity and form collectives where everyone’s unique traits get to shine.”

Happy Birthday

Catherine Bares

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