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Rough Day

Ever have a rough day that got the better of you?

Typically, I am a positive, upbeat, happy person. Even on my bad days, I look at the positive side of everything. I try to recognize the position of others and why they behave the way they do. I find it helps me get a better understanding of that person, which drives better decisions on my part, rather than negative, reactive, emotional decisions. When my emotions get the better of me, I end up regretting things said or done at that moment. I would rather walk away, satisfied, knowing that my emotions didn’t control my decisions and/or my reactions. When I act on emotions, I tend to get angry, which drains my energy. Energy is precious to me and when I let negativity inside, my energy is zapped and I go down a rabbit hole of desperate thoughts and I follow up with a dose of emotional eating.

Interesting concept

I once heard a speaker that said something which made sense and stuck with me for years.

your thoughts trigger your emotions

when your emotions are triggered, they trigger your actions

and your actions trigger the results.


That bad day

Recently, I had a bad day from start to finish. I did a great job of controlling the urge to get angry. It started with little things like having butterfingers, dropping things at every turn. (This happened to be a Monday: no prejudice on Monday’s, just saying. :>)) I had a full day of conference calls scheduled and was starting my day off frustrated. I shook it off and drove to my office. On my way to the office, I encountered 2 drivers that were doing their best to continue to challenge me. It resulted in me shaking my head and praying a Hail Mary. Once I arrived at my office, I set up my computer and got myself ready for the 1st call. As a result of my efforts, I felt accomplished that I didn’t lose my cool.

Then, my 1st call canceled. Okay, no worries. I will get ready for the next call. During preparations for the 2nd call, I receive an email from the client with a request to reschedule. Okay, no worries, I will get ready for the next call. It turns out that the next 2 client calls rescheduled as well. Out of 5 scheduled calls I end up doing 1 call at the end of the day. I was starting to feel like the cosmic energy was working overtime and throwing things at me around every corner. It’s amazing how your mind starts playing tricks on you and makes you feel like I did something wrong.

End of the day

As a result of a rough day, I was looking forward to going home and relaxing. Then, I encountered an angry person. At this point, my will power to keep fighting the desire to explode and scream at someone is getting weaker. I keep telling myself, it’s okay, I am in a bad head space right now, it’s not as bad as it seems. I get through my evening and go to bed.


I ended that day feeling like I did a good job of not losing it. I also felt like I wasn’t able to get much accomplished since most of my work was rescheduled. But, in the end, I felt successful.

Along comes Anger

I get through the rest of the week without many challenges. Unfortunately, my great weekend went bad fast and I ended up letting my emotions get the better of me. I started this blog last week and decided to finish it up today to close the cosmic energy that is working against me. Keep in mind, I am not superstitious or truly believe that cosmic energy forces are working against me here, but I decided not to leave anything to chance and get this thing closed out. I let anger in yesterday and I realized that I haven’t let it out yet. I am letting anger take up shop in my soul and I don’t like it. So, I am here telling this anger to get out. I don’t have room in my soul for anger. I am sweeping anger out of the door to my soul.

How do you sweep away anger? Do you recommend any mindful tricks to help us keep our emotions in check?

Catherine Bares

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Better Understand #Cravings

Happy Halloween Everyone.

I came across an article, “Outsmart Your Cravings” by Jacqueline Andriakos,  in Health Magazine’s, May 2018 issue.  I thought it was interesting so I wanted to share.

According to the article,  “Cravings are driven by a number of factors, including hormones, emotions, and even your surroundings”.  There are “biological and psychological pathways of cravings”.  “it becomes a lot easier to stop them before they get out of control” says Ethan Lazarus, MD, director of the clinical Nutrition Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado. What are some “common craving provocateurs and the mechanisms behind them?”

  • Your stressed out
    • “When you’re under a lot of pressure, it drives cortisol up, which in turn can stimulate cravings for foods high in fat or sugar.” “Your body wants foods that may trigger the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain to help you feel better…”
      • solution: “replace the craving with something else that makes you fell good.”  “This could be a hobby you find joy in, like yoga or reading.”
  • Hormonal shifts such as PMS
    • “some women go through cycles of low serotonin, which can intensify cravings…”
      • solution: “you’ll want to do activities that boost serotonin so you don’t go looking to do that through food.  “that could be a workout, or increasing your light exposure (which ups serotonin naturally) by spending more time outdoors.”
  • Sleep Deprivation
    • “while we sleep, our fat cells produce hormones like leptin and adiponectin, which reduce appetite and insulin resistance.”  Dr. Lazarus explains “if we rob our bodies of the sleep we need, even by 30 minutes, we get up hungry the next day and wanting carbs.”
      • Solution: “You can short-circuit munchies born from sleep deprivation by having a healthy breakfast as soon as you wake up that combines unrefined carbohydrates with some protein and good fat in order to stabilize your blood sugar, and in turn, help prevent out-of-control snacking as the day goes on.”
  • You’ve Created Bad Habits
    • “Many cravings occur because we connect memories with particular foods.” “These types of yearnings are usually more psychologically driven then physiologically driven.”  “cravings are sensory, so the harder you ruminate over it, or smell it, or actually see the food you’re wanting, the more you will think you have to have it.”
      • Solution: “This may mean keeping these foods out of your home.” “Sometimes the very act of identifying a psychological-based craving is enough to overpower it.”
  • Dieting
    • “Strong urges typically happen after periods of limiting yourself.” Allegra Gast, RDN, owner of Aloha Nutrition in Oahu, Hawaii states that “for some people, it’s possible that their body is looking for a nutrient that it’s not getting enough of.”
      • Solution: Dr. Lazarus says, “don’t let your gas tank get empty.”  “I recommend people eat fives times a day.” and also suggests “having at least 15 grams of protein at every mini meal.

To read the entire article, find the May 2018 issue of Health Magazine. You can find them online, ask people on social media if they have a copy or check with your local library.

Catherine Bares

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