Art During the Pandemic Kathleen Thomas

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Meet Kathleen Thomas

I have been painting for most of my life. This may sound strange, but I actually started with “paint by number” on the canvas when I was a teenager. I did not realize that I was an artist in my heart, all I had was desire but no training.

I next ventured into ceramics and created masks and face jewelry in my business for 20 years.  At the same time, I had the great fortune to meet a wonderful and amazing teacher, Carl Cramer, who taught me how to paint. How to see color, contrast, shape and so much more. He made me fall in love with painting in many mediums with a passion. I still have that passion and to be on an endless quest to learn and experiment.

I have been painting for over 50 years. I feel blessed.

Painting makes me feel excited, intense, happy and consumed with the love of the paints and brushes. I love the smell of the oil paints and the varnish when I finish a painting I feel exhausted and satisfied all at once. 

Kathleen Thomas

Leave a comment for more information on Kathleen’s paintings. (prices for her work, additional paintings, etc.)

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