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Gary Allan’s Music Inspires me to be a Better Wife

Even though Gary Allan has a ton of hits, I am drawn to his “heartache” music.  Listening to Gary’s music inspires me to be a better wife.  Yes, I know that sounds strange, but his music communicates the pain that men feel when they lose their true love.  This inspires me to recognize how deep down my husband’s love for me goes. I want to do everything I can to let that love flourish and grow.  With that said I thought I would share some of Gary’s lyrics.

  • Watching Airplanes: “Sitting out here on the hood of this truck looking up at a caramel-colored sunset sky.  Checking my watch doing the math in my head, counting back words to when you said goodbye.  With those runway lights getting brighter, I’m just sitting out here watching airplanes take off and fly, trying to figure out which one you might be on and why you don’t love me anymore. “
  • It Ain’t the Whiskey:  “I stood there in the middle of the church full of broken people.  Listening to the walking wounded tell their stories. My turn came, I told them my name, said this ain’t my first time. Then a man started talking how the devil and the bottle was ruing my life. With last night on my breath, I stood up and said it ain’t the whiskey, it ain’t the cigarettes, it ain’t the stuff I smoke, it’s all these things I can’t forget, and it ain’t the hard times, it ain’t the all nights, it ain’t that easy, it ain’t the whiskey that’s killing me.” …………”I’ve done everything to drown out this hurt inside but I can’t wash you out of my mind.”
  • You Without Me: “Well I’ve seen that look a thousand times and I know that sparkle in your eyes and I know what it means tonight.  That’s the dress you wore when we first met and it always means you want to let your hair down, aw and you just might.  I’ve never seen you look so happy, you’ve never looked so good in love. When I look into your eyes I still get weak and when I’m this close to you I just can’t speak and it’s hard to keep my hands to myself when I know I could never love anyone else, you’re all I want, your all I need and it so damn hard to believe that’s you without me.”

Add in his raspy, southern accent, the country rock, and you feel it.

It has been my experience that men have a hard time putting into words how they feel about things and people.  It’s almost as if Gary Allan is speaking on behalf of all men in a heartache situation.

This Blog is dedicated to my hero, my love, my best friend, and my soul mate. I love you! 🙂

Catherine Bares

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