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Shalilly by Elizabeth Gracen

It has been a long time since I shared any book reviews. I took a serious hiatus from my reading habits but I am happy to report that I am exploring new material. As a result of the current pandemic, I went looking for a good fantasy to read. In my search, I came across a book written by Elizabeth Gracen, Shalilly. This is Elizabeth’s debut novel, an adult fantasy novel, about a “sixteen-year-old mystic with unusual gifts”.

The 1st page captured my attention and pulled me into the world of Fippa and Ision. A story about a battle for Love, defeating darkness, and fulfilling a prophecy, While reading the story, I was able to reference how this fictional fantasy could be translated into the real world’s everyday struggles with love and darkness. There is a strong intensity and relief felt throughout Elizabeth’s writing. In my opinion, Shalilly was well worth reading.

The book is 271 pages long and has easy-to-read font and spacing. Click here to order your autographed copy of Elizabeth Gracen’s, Shalilly. She personally signed my book with a little note. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised by her message. Additionally, she dated the message. I received the package within 5 days of placing my order.

Flapper Press

In addition to writing a novel, Elizabeth has created Flapper Press. An international team of talented artists and writers. “With a goal to make this site a useful and entertaining ‘go to’ portal for original ideas and observations, FLAPPER PRESS offers authentic expression, useful tips, and a platform that promotes wild imagination, daring leaps of creativity, and the compassionate, mindful ‘giving back’ that we think is necessary for a peaceful, productive, meaningful life. Visit the site, I think you will see she is fulfilling her goals.

check out my 1st blog I wrote for Flapper Press, Negativity.

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Some Good News by John Krasinski

Episode 3-Baseball, Healthcare workers, AT&T

If you haven’t watched SGN by John Krasinski, you are missing out. To see Episode 3, click here.

Episode 2: Hamilton

Elizabeth Gracen at FlapperPress shared this link to SGN by John Krasinski. This is a must-watch if you like humor and good news. Watch the complete video to witness an amazing, Virtual Performance by the Hamilton Cast. it gave me the chills.

I will be tuning in to John’s YouTube channel for future SGN broadcasts. Click here to watch the video.

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